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Moncure Summer Outreach


Every Tuesday from June 16 through August 18

Even though we are not yet gathering to worship, we do have a summer mission program that will take place every Tuesday from June 16-August 18. We will be partnering with CORA, Buckhorn UMC, Cokesbury UMC, the Moncure Fire Dept, the Sprott Center and Moncure Elementary in an outreach program to the food insecure population of Moncure. The program will serve families, individuals, and seniors alike. 


The program will have 5 different facets to it: 

  • Food distribution program

  • Meal distribution program

  • Summer learning program

  • Bottled water donations

  • Prayer warriors


The need for volunteers is broad, with opportunities to participate on site, behind the scenes, or from the comfort and safety of your own home. Please prayerfully consider where God can use your gifts and talents.


Food distribution will take place every other Tuesday (odd weeks) and will be done from the Sprott Center parking lot in Moncure. Hours will be 4pm-6pm and we are looking for volunteers for registration and distribution activities. The food will come pre-boxed/bagged from CORA, so we just need to hand it out with plenty of hope, love and blessings to the receiving individuals. If you are interested in participating in this opportunity, please sign up here.


A hot meal distribution will take place every other Tuesday (even weeks) and will be done from the Moncure Elementary parking lot. Distribution hours will also be 4pm-6pm and we are looking for volunteers for meal prep, meal packaging, check-in and distribution activities. The food will be prepared and packaged in the EUMC kitchen beginning at 10am, then transported to the school for pick-up. We will also have 3 opportunities for home baked goods - specifically 600 cookies and 200 large brownies. If you are interested in participating in any of these opportunities, please sign up here.


Every week we have the opportunity to keep the children of Moncure engaged in learning. Whether that is through school supplies or VBS-style crafts, we would like to hand out a kit of activities each week. This will also help them get the supplies needed to begin school again. We will be looking at procuring these supplies in bulk, but will need the help of many hands to package these up. We would like to have this activity going on at the same time we are doing meal prep. However, if you prefer to build them in your own home out of caution, we are happy to get you the supplies to do so. If you are interested in participating in this opportunity, please sign up here.


Bottled water is one item that CORA cannot provide but is needed. Bottled water is used to mix formula and is in high demand. If you are unable to help with the physical opportunities, please consider either purchasing cases of bottled water to donate or making a donation towards bottled water purchases. If you are interested in participating in this opportunity, please sign up here.


All of our outreach programs need to be covered in prayer - from the food itself, to the hands that prepare, the hands that package, the hands that serve, the hands that distribute and most importantly, the hands that receive. There is no doubt that we will experience individuals and situations that need prayer. Are you willing to pray from wherever you are? Are you willing to ask God to intercede, multiply and provide for this program? We need prayer warriors to keep a hedge of protection in place and the evil one at bay. If you are willing to stand in the gap as a prayer warrior, please sign up here so we can relay prayer requests to you.


If you have any questions about any of these volunteer opportunities, you may reach out to Pastor Patrick, Laurie Preston, David Edington or Lisa Edington for additional information. Thank you for caring for all of God's children. 


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