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Thoughts on Holy Week Monday

Blessed Holy Week greetings to all of you.

We have traveled the journey of Lent together and now we enter into its final days of Holy Week.  We have entered into the Holy City of Jerusalem shouting loud Hosannas and set our feed on those dusty stone streets. This week we journey together to Mary and Martha’s house to feast together, to the garden to pray, to the cross, and on to the tomb.  As I have journeyed through Lent this year, I have added to my morning prayer and devotional time readings form Luke Powery’s new book Were you There Lenten Reflections on the Spirituals Today’s spiritual is one we all know well: Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Had.  It is a classic spiritual that speaks truth.  Sometimes I’m up and sometimes I’m down, up and down, this is life.  There are times we are having great celebrations and then there are times when it seems it can’t get much lower - that is just like our Holy Week, and our life.

Yet, like the movement of lament psalms, this spiritual doesn’t close with trouble.  Rather it rings out with a word of hope and praise “Glory Hallelujah”  The singers of this spiritual knows that our troubles will not terrorize us forever, hope will have the final word.  God will triumph over trouble.  Jesus says in John 16:33 “In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart! I have overcome the world."

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